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Meditation (introduction)

What is hidden behind that word? One thing is certain, we can find a lot of definitions, although everyone is more interested in how to achieve this state in practice. Our biggest obstacle is our mind. Yes, our mind, which still thinks something, tells us WHAT IF, it becomes a little overwhelming and we cease to hear our inner, the right guide of our life. And one way to get our resources back is meditation, that teaches us how to tame our minds so that it serves us well and we hear the voice of our heart. Because we often find that mind and heart have a different opinion on the same thing.

So neither do you or I am a lotus sitting in order to achieve this beneficial state. You do not even have to have the silence, the shimmer and candles around you, every moment when you can just keep track of your thoughts without waking up the emotions in a way of meditation, you can be so quiet at work, at the stop, anywhere, one hour, ten minutes, five seconds .. Under my meditation is such the state where we are aware of the present, but you are not dealing with the past or the future, just at that moment you are and realize yourself with everything and with all the possibilities you have. That's how it's said easy, but it takes a while to train. So, if you are ready to cure your animal, I congratulate you and in the next work we will start with the basic meditation practice and "breathing".

So, if you are ready, ask yourself: What does meditation mean to me?

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