MORNING MEALS 


EGGS ON TOAST                                                                                                                           $15

2 Egg the way you like it on toast with crushed avocado and grilled tomato

(2 egg, 1 toast, 2 slices tomato, 25g crushed avocado)

(2 eggs meal: Protein 10g, Carbs 22g, Fat 10g, Total calories 250)  


2 OR 3 EGGS YOUR WAY                                                                                                     $20-$22

(fried, poached or scrambled) avocado, grilled tomato, cucumber, spinach,

gluten-free or low carb toast (2pcs)

(3 eggs meal: Protein 25g, Carbs 42g, Fat 20g, Total calories 530) 



avocado, tomato, baby spinach, feta cheese, gluten-free or low carb toast (2pcs)

(Protein 50g, Carbs 43g, Fat 40g, Total calories 610) 


RUDY’S BIG BREAKFAST                                                                                                             $25

with 3 eggs, halloumi, avocado, buttered spinach,

black beans and mushrooms, grilled tomato 

Gluten-free or low carb toast (2pcs) (charcoal bread optional)

(Protein 45g, Carbs 93g, Fat 61g, Total calories 930)


SWEET POTATO FRITTER                                                                                                           $19

Served with 2 fried eggs, Kale & avocado,

grilled tomato 100g sweet potato fritter 

(Protein 15g, Carbs 99g, Fat 71g, Total calories 998)


PROTEIN POWER SALAD                                                                                                            $26

with 2 eggs, chicken, black beans, quinoa, kale, broccolini, sweet potato.

(Protein 66g, Carbs 38g, Fat 27g, Total Calories 659)


                                           REAL VEGAN & VEGETARIAN MEALS


BLACK BEANS                                                                                                                               $20

with baby spinach, mushroom and tomato, gluten-free or low carb toast(2pcs)

your choice of halloumi or tofu

(Protein 24g/46g (with cheese), Carbs 61g/64g (with cheese), Fat 14g/30g

(with cheese)

(calories 466/620 with halloumi cheese) 


CHICKPEAS AND MUSHROOMS                                                                                                $20

with kale and onion, fresh avocado, tomato, tofu & baked baby potato 

(Protein: 34 g, Carbohydrates: 60 g, Fat: 22g, 574 kcal)



RUDY’S PAN-FRIED MIX OF VEGGIES -                                                                                   $20

green beans, snow peas, kale, asparagus, broccolini, bok choy and sweet potato,

slowly fried in vegan “butter” (rice, quinoa optional)

(Protein: 16 g, Carbohydrates: 42 g, Fat: 35 g, 540 kcal)



CHICKEN OR SALMON SANDWICH                                                                                            $18

with baby spinach, avocado and tomato,

organic fried egg 

(Protein 55g, Carbs 38g, Fat 35g, 

Total Calories 860)

WARM LEMONY BROCCOLINI SALAD                                                                                      $20

with green peas, baby spinach, chickpeas, sweet potato and feta

(Vegetarian and Gluten-free)

(Protein 25g, carbs 30.5g Fat 20g Total calories 402)


AVOCADO CHICKPEA QUINOA SALAD                                                                                      $19

with cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, cucumber and grilled chicken.

Flaxseed oil & apple cider vinaigrette (Vegan and Gluten-free)

(Protein 18g, Carbs 29.5, Fat 21g, Total Calories 379) 


BLUEBERRY PROTEIN PANCAKES                                                                                             $17

with grilled banana, yoghurt and blueberries sprinkled with cinnamon

(organic maple syrup optional)

(Protein 50g, Carbs 126g, Fat 30g, Total calories 968)


GREEK YOGURT BREAKFAST BOWL WITH FRUITS                                                                $18

200g Greek yogurt with seasonal fresh fruit and mix of nuts

(Protein 50g, Carbs 43g, fat 40g, total calories 810)




                                             REAL AFTERNOON AND DINNER MEALS


ORGANIC PRIME GRASS FEED SCOTH STEAK ( 250G)                                                        $38

cooked the way you like it, with garlic butter on roasted potatoes

and fried vegetables

(100g baked potatoes and 100g green vegetables)

(Protein 62g, Carbs 25g, Fat 15g, Total calories355)


GRILLED ORGANIC CHICKEN BREAST(200G)                                                                        $29

on garlic butter with broccolini, choice of 200g mash potato or 100g rice

(Protein 66g, Carbs 28g, Fat 7.3g, Total calories 455)


RUDY’S PAN-FRIED CHICKEN BREAST(200G)                                                                       $29

with a mix of vegetables, green beans, snow peas, kale,

asparagus, broccolini, bok choy and tomato,

slowly fried on organic butter with choice of 100g rice / 100g sweet potato

(Protein 67g, Carbs 25g, Fat 8g, Total calories 445)


OVEN-BAKED FRESH TASMANIAN SALMON (200G)                                                            $32

on mash potato and selection of fried vegetables  

(100g mash potato and 100g green vegetables)

(Protein 65g, Carbs 24 g, Fat 14g, Total calories 321)


MARKET WHITEFISH (200G)                                                                                                      $32

Oven-baked on butter, selection of fried vegetables and  basmati rice 

(100g basmati rice and 100g mix vegetables)

(Protein 33.2g, Carbs 38g, Fat 6.2g, Total calories 300)



                                                                    REAL KIDS MEALS




SWEET POTATO FRITTER                                                                                                           $15

Served with a fried egg and kale 100g sweet potato fritter

(sweet potato, 1egg, kale)


KIDS SPAGHETTI                                                                                                                           $15

with chicken, fresh tomato, spinach and feta (optional)


EGG ON TOAST                                                                                                                             $12

Egg the way you like it on toast with crushed avocado and sliced tomato

(1 egg, 1 toast, 2 slices tomato, 25g crushed avocado)


BLUEBERRY PROTEIN PANCAKE                                                                                                $15

with grilled banana and blueberry, yoghurt, sprinkled with

cinnamon (organic maple syrup optional)


GREEK YOGHURT (100G)                                                                                                            $13

with banana topped with fresh blueberries & cinnamon.







                                                                  REAL DESSERT

BLUEBERRY PROTEIN PANCAKES                                                                                             $17

with grilled banana and blueberries, yoghurt, sprinkled with cinnamon

(organic maple syrup optional) (

Protein 50g, Carbs 126g, Fat 30g, Total calories 968)



PROTEIN LOW CARB CAKE                                                                                                          $6

Ask our lovely staff for nutritional info for the cake of the day.








                                                                   REAL SIDES 

from                                                                                                                                             $3.50

Gluten-free Toast (1pc)

Low carb toast (1pc)

Avocado (25g)

Tomato (1pc)

Egg (1pc)

Chicken (100g) 

Feta cheese (50g)

Halloumi (50G)







You are what you eat. You’ve heard that one before haven’t you? Realising that our decisions about food always matter is a real game-changer for your health. Each day is a new opportunity to fuel and heal your body from the inside -  and all it takes is a little bit of consciousness and effort. Respecting and loving ourselves is to look after the body and mind the best we can. Prioritising your health and wellness and choosing to eat well is to respect and love yourself. Because each and every one of us deserves that. There is so much potential within us all - all that is needed is the right tools. Food can be so much more than just something you put in your mouth - it’s also love and respect for yourself and the people you care for in your life. 


We invite you to look at your eating habits as a challenge - a challenge to squeeze in as many nutrients as you can on your plate. The plate is of normal size and it doesn’t normally include seconds. And the good news is - this one delicious plate of food is enough. When fueling your body with the high-quality nutrients it needs you will feel satisfied and energized and you can say goodbye to annoying cravings. 


While taking on this challenge you will slowly become an expert of your own body and the foods it needs to perform. This is why we have put a lot of effort into creating a menu based on top quality food. Our menu explains exactly what ingredients the dish includes and what nutrients you will receive. No more food guilt or bad habits, just delicious and nutritious food.


Knowing what to pick for lunch is sometimes not the easiest. We believe that our food can make a change in your habits and the way that you look at eating. It has something for everyone - health nuts, yoga bums, bodybuilders, the family man, kids, grandpa, conscious eaters, non-conscious eaters - you are ALL WELCOME! 

Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweet treats and deserts under our roof and together we can make a little change to our long term health each day. 


We hope to share our love for food and see you at Rudy’s soon!