EGGS ON TOAST                                                    $15

2 Eggs the way you like it on toast with smashed avocado, wilted  baby spinach and grilled tomato

(2 eggs, 1 toast, 2 tomato slices, 25g avocado)

(2 eggs meal: Protein 10g, Carbs 22g, Fat 10g, 

Total calories 250)  


2 OR 3 EGGS YOUR WAY                                $19-$22

(salmon or chicken (optional +$7)

(fried, poached or scrambled) avocado, 

grilled tomato, cucumber, spinach

gluten-free or low carb toast (2pcs)

(3 eggs meal: Protein 25g, Carbs 42g, Fat 20g, 

Total calories 530) 


4 EGGS OMELETTE                                               $17

(salmon or chicken (optional +$7)

avocado, tomato, baby spinach, feta cheese, 

gluten-free or low carb toast (2pcs)

(Protein 50g, Carbs 43g, Fat 40g, 

Total calories 610) 


RUDY’S BIG BREAKFAST                                       $22

with 3 eggs, (grilled chicken optional +7)

halloumi, avocado, buttered spinach,

black beans and mushrooms, grilled tomato 

Gluten-free or low carb toast (2pcs) 

Toast options include gluten-free,

low-carb and charcoal.

(Protein 45g, Carbs 93g, Fat 61g, Total calories 930)


SWEET POTATO FRITTER                                     $19

(salmon or chicken (optional +$7)

Served with 2 fried eggs, 

Kale & avocado, grilled tomato 

100g sweet potato fritter 

(Protein 15g, Carbs 99g, Fat 71g, Total calories 998)


PROTEIN POWER BOWL                                        $25

with 2 eggs, chicken, black beans, quinoa, kale, broccolini, sweet potato.

(Protein 66g, Carbs 38g, Fat 27g, Total Calories 659)


CHICKEN OR SALMON SANDWICH                       $19

with baby spinach, 

avocado and tomato, 

organic fried egg 

(Protein 55g, Carbs 38g, Fat 35g, Total Calories 860)


              MORNING MEALS

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PORRIDGE                                                          $15

with almond milk, fresh banana, 

cinnamon and fresh blueberry. 

(Protein 32g, Carbs 153, Fat 21g, Total 

Calories 860) 




(GF almond flour)                                                $17 

with fresh banana and blueberries 

sprinkled with cinnamon and nuts.

(organic maple syrup optional)

(Protein 50g, Carbs 126g, Fat 30g, 

Total calories 968)


GREEK YOGURT Protein BOWL (GF)       $15+$5

200g Greek yogurt with a selection of 

fresh fruit, whey protein isolate and mix of nuts

(Protein 50g, Carbs 43g, fat 40g, Total cal. 810)


                     ALL DAY MEALS                                                                                 


BLACK BEANS AND MUSHROOM                       $20

with baby spinach, mushroom, onion and tomato, 

gluten-free or low carb toast(2pcs)

your choice of halloumi or tofu

(Protein 24g/46g (with cheese), Carbs 61g/64g 

(with cheese), Fat 14g/30g (with cheese)

(calories 466/620 with halloumi cheese) 


CHICKPEAS AND MUSHROOMS                         $20

with kale and onion, fresh avocado, 

tomato, tofu & baked baby potato 

(Protein: 34 g, Carbohydrates: 60g, 

Fat: 22g, 574 kcal)


RUDY’S PAN-FRIED MIX OF VEGGIES               $20 

green beans, snow peas, kale, asparagus, 

broccolini, bok choy and sweet potato, slowly 

fried in vegan “butter” ( feta cheese optional)

(Protein: 16 g, Carbohydrates: 42g, 

Fat: 35 g, 540 kcal)



with green peas, baby spinach, chickpeas, 

sweet potato and feta

(Vegetarian and Gluten-free)

(Protein 25g, carbs 30.5g Fat 20g 

Total calories 402)


QUINOA CHICKPEA SALAD                                   $18

with cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, 

cucumber and grilled halloumi 

( grilled chicken optional $5 )

olive oil, lemon, orange & apple cider vinaigrette 

(Vegetarian and Gluten-free)

(Protein 18g, Carbs 29.5, Fat 21g, Total 

Calories 379) 


             REAL AFTERNOON AND DINNER                                                       MEALS



ORGANIC PRIME SCOTCH STEAK                     $32

250g Grass feed, cooked the way you like it, 

with garlic butter on mash or baked potatoes 

and fried vegetables (100g baked potatoes 

and 100g green vegetables)

(Protein 62g, Carbs 25g, Fat 15g, 

Total calories355)



200G on garlic butter with broccolini, 

choice of 200g mash potato or sweet potato

(Protein 66g, Carbs 28g, Fat 7.3g, 

Total calories 455)



200G with a mix of vegetables, green beans, snow peas, kale, asparagus, broccolini,

bok choy and tomato,

slowly fried in organic butter with 

choice of 100g rice / 100g sweet potato

(Protein 67g, Carbs 25g, Fat 8g, 

Total calories 445)



200G on mash potato and selection of fried vegetables (100g mash potato and 100g green vegetables)(Protein 65g, Carbs 24 g, Fat 14g, 

Total calories 321)


MARKET WHITEFISH 200G                                  $27

Oven-baked in butter, selection of

fried vegetables and  

sweet potato

(100g   and 100g mix vegetables)

(Protein 33.2g, Carbs 38g, Fat 6.2g, 

Total calories 300)

                            REAL KIDS MEALS


SWEET POTATO FRITTER                                    $12

Served with a fried egg and kale 

100g sweet potato fritter

(sweet potato, 1egg, kale)


KIDS SPAGHETTI                                                    $12

with chicken, fresh tomato,

spinach and feta


EGG ON TOAST                                                      $12

Egg the way you like it on toast with 

smashed avocado and sliced tomato

(1 egg, 1 toast, 2 slices tomato,

25g crushed avocado)


BLUEBERRY PROTEIN PANCAKE                        $12

with fresh banana and blueberry,

sprinkled with

cinnamon and nuts.

(organic maple syrup optional)


GREEK YOGHURT (100G)                                      $9

with banana topped with fresh

fruit & cinnamon.




                           REAL DESSERT 

              (all our desserts are sugar-free)



                 PROTEIN LOW CARB CAKE                                                

Ask our lovely staff for our cake of the day and its nutritional information                                                

                          REAL SIDES




Gluten-free Toast (1pc)                          $3.50

Low carb Toast (1pc)                               $3.50

(Charcoal or Pumpkin bread)

Organic Avocado (25g)                          $4

Organic Tomato (1pc)                             $4

Organic Egg (1pc)                                    $4

Organic Chicken (100g)                         $7

Organic Feta cheese (50g)                     $5

Organic Halloumi (50G)                         $5

Organic Tofu                                            $5

Organic Sweet potato                             $5

Organic Vegetables                                 $10

Organic Quinoa                                       $5














We invite you to look at your eating habits 

as a challenge a challenge to squeeze in as many 

nutrients as you can on your plate. 

The plate is of normal size and it doesn’t normally include seconds. And the good news is this one delicious plate of food is enough. 

When fuelling your body with the high-quality nutrients it needs, you will feel satisfied and energised, and you can say goodbye to annoying cravings.

Girl Doing Push-Ups