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my story



The story began when I Rudy, a Bodybuilder from Bondi started questioning the ingredients in the food he was served in many restaurants and cafés. I believe that every person deserves the best possible chance to live as healthy as he wants to. Quite often we find hidden sugars, products that are filled with preservatives and chemicals in our food and the question is – why does it need to be like this? 


It’s fully possible and it should be normal to be served a meal with only the ingredients that are mentioned on the menu. This is why we have created a menu that explains the ingredients, that have organic produce and nutrient-dense dishes for all kinds of situations. Our fresh produce is cooked together with spices and herbs in grass-fed butter and high-quality oils and has been put together carefully to boost your body.

We want you to eat well, and truly enjoy our food!  


All food items and ingredients at Rudy’s are of the highest quality so that you can get the most out of what is on your plate. We believe in chemical-free food that helps our bodies to heal themselves and grow. We believe in food that isn’t covered in preservatives or pesticides because we want our products to be fresher than fresh. And we believe in food without processed sugars – because it should come from good quality energy sources. 


We are excited for you to come in and eat with us and get inspired by our great.

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