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Meditation 2

Updated: May 5, 2019

Today we start with the basic technique by observing our breath. And why is it a breathtaking technique? Because our breath is always in the present, it is not either in the past or in the future, as opposed to our mind, which especially likes to return to the past and solve the future. The benefit of this technique when we learn is that we can use it almost anywhere and anytime in our lives.

Sit or lay comfortably in your favorite position and realize for beginning that it is just you and your breath. Do not try to breathe deeply, inhale, exhale, don´t do anything, just relax and watch your breath come with life energy and joy, the breath is constantly flowing gift to us. As you exhale, you can realize that everything that you no longer need leaves with your exhalation.

I'll lead you to notice 4 "points" of breath. The coming breath is the first point, realize your nostrils, and how strong the air flow is inside, you might find it stronger on one side. After your breath goes further into the lungs, you can notice that the breath stops at a hundredth before it comes to exhalation, that's our second point, that is the precious moment when the body is alert and open to what comes. Then our breath rotates and we can feel the wave of breath as the outflow, it is naturally pulled back, that is the third point, everything is leaving our body and finally, the cycle closes with the shortstop and the body is ready to receive breath again, this is the fourth point.

If you can feel and pay attention to all these four points of your breath you will be surprised at this process, because the mind no longer has space for its games. So this is the moment when you can perceive everything, the body will tell you naturally what it is.

We take breathe in, when we come to this world, so have look how strong is your inhale, how deeply it goes. And with the same attention have to look on your exhale, when is everything coming to end, maybe you can feel that the tension is going with the breath out. Are you in it? Can you feel it? Can you feel the peace inside you?

Have enough time on this process...

In the next episode we will focus more on our body. :)

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