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Legend Element

Legend Element is a lifestyle brand that transpired from a love of adventure sports, particularly a passion for kiteboarding. It is about passion, good vibes and an active lifestyle. Legend Element is here for anyone and everyone who believes in their own individuality, opinions and ideas. We believe in freedom and power for every individual to be unique and find their own special element – the Legend Element. Stand out, do what you love and share your addiction. We refuse to be part of the masses but, be and inspire others to be, a Legend.

The mission of Legend Element is to create community, connect strong individualities living adventurous lifestyle and create audience who will get inspired and also will become strong individualities willing to share good vibes and things, what they love to do. Connection should be done by sharing through social media, live events, selling products (apparel, accessories), inspire audience by broadcasting podcast interviews with inspirational people and their stories and others like good relationship with nature and planet.

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