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Deep Restorative yoga flow

Join us for a blissful yogic restorative immersion!!

Deeply relax your body, mind, rejuvenate your entire nervous system, and develop a calmer, peaceful mind.

During this 7-Week Course, you will enjoy a skilfully crafted yoga practice that infuses deep restorative yoga asanas, moving meditations, long juicy stretches, harmonizing pranayama practices, and guided Yoga Nidra guided meditations.

This unique yogic experience is specifically designed to: ⇢ Boost Your Immune System & initiates the body's self-healing process. ⇢ Balance your thinking processes & Enhance positive emotions. ⇢ Improve your flexibility and range of movement. ⇢ Revitalize the pranic energy in your body. ⇢ Develop More resilience & Freedom from Stress. ⇢ Cleanse & restore the complete 114 chakras in the energetic body.

Limited spots available, join the early bird to secure your spot, receive a discount and bonuses.

EARLY BIRD |UNTILL 02.09| $ 87 full course

Course Led by Senior Yoga Teacher Tony Myers, ✆ BOOK IN Rudys Real Food Cafe OR CALL US 0423 938 971 ✆

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