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Welcome to our RUDY's project

We highly appreciate private investors and partners and therefore we want to offer you cooperation with our project. Thanks to modern technologies we can provide you with a transparent system of investing finances using so-called tokens.
For our project, we have released 1,000,000 RDS and the price of one piece is 25 AUD. By purchasing our RDS token, you get a membership and you will be able to evaluate your finances. Anyone who holds our tokens for more than 12 months will receive a 12% reward.

You can simply and quickly invest here. RDS tokens are available to you and are tied to your email. If you want to be our public partner, email us.


Given the enormous interest in healthy food, we want to expand into other countries like New Zealand and some European countries. Part of our project is the creation of the worldwide RUDY's brand, which will guarantee the quality of organic meat and vegetables.

Total supply: 1.000.000 RDS

Donate: first issue - 10.000 RDS (for investors)

Money raise: 250.000 AUD

Minimum: 10 RDS (250 AUD)


Guarantee money back: 100% till start

Long term: 12 months

Dividends: 12% (only for long term 12 mounts)

You can buy token via PP or Credit CARD

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